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keskiviikko 23. heinäkuuta 2014

Ari Wahlberg Music Discography 1997-2014

Hello my fans, friends, music colleagues all over the world, mostly I write my Songs in Finnish, its my mother tongue. Music is a language itself, it has a lot of passion and love in it. I like to listen all kind of music myself, when i cannot understand the words / language it doesn´t matter, as long as the music moves me, when i can feel the spirit, if it makes me feel that it is a real thing. My music i have always written from the bottom of my heart with love, and i still do, it is for me only right way to do this what i love, writing songs, playing my guitar and sing. In Soundcloud you´ll find a collection of my songs between 1997-2014. Hope you like it! My new album is coming very soon!  Thanks for your support! Stay tuned ! Ari

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